Table never more so than now!


Table never more so than now!

Yes , the box is in, and you can combine as you like, now I will make an example , you can find it on any type of clothing , from inside to the accessories , this season the king is the picture ..

The ” garçon ” style takes a lot , I particularly love this style , gives a very sensual and mysterious air , is a very provocative style , it reflects a lot of personality and a very strong character.

Girls, get to it , I do not think it is a super explosive combination that will give you a very feminine air while very masculine …. This season two worlds, the sweet and gentle world that offers us the pink color of the season , combined with the box and also the ” garçon ” style come together , I love these so explosive combinations …….

Do not forget to give a touch of makeup, a little perfume and come out to eat you the world !

I took a white shirt from the closet, all have a safe , if you have better pink vest auria mark the boxes and saw a pair of tables also saw the auria brand , including its matching purses . But you have no garment boxes is a good idea for you to make a gift this Christmas.

I leave other options , I have combined vest auria serra boxes with jeans and I have also combined auria serra vest beige pants with a “cargo” (model) .

All combinations are very nice, looking to make your own combinations and you ‘ll tell us how beautiful you go …….

I present my options …… Do not forget to look good what you have in the closet !




I wish you like it …..

I hope in my next post fashion.

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by Isabel Mora