Stamping takes

Welcome to the space and what tomorrow?, We will talk to face to the closet in a hurry every morning, I am going to guide some of the new trends, but mostly we will make a set and look for all possible options, which have in the closet, we will take our clothes, and think well before going to buy what I want to wear this winter, which favors you and how you are going to merge, do not buy on impulse, then come and why I bought it ?

This weather is driving us crazy , do not know what to wear, autumn is a difficult season and therefore are more decayed , physically and mentally , and this time so unstable still affects us more .

I propose a print dress , great for this time of year it’s hot at noon and cold in the morning and evening .

Open the cabinet and certainly have a monkey dress, you can combine what you in many ways. I will make you a dress of miss- miss fashion store Retto Vilanova , combined with a leather jacket from the brand auria serra, and a bag slung over his shoulder havana color , also the brand auria serra, with a pendant BXU by Inge.

Play with colors this season wine, black and light colors like beige .

Merge Options : The same dress combined with the hype ; a denim jacket, a black vest, beige or burgundy can wear loose or with a wide belt dress with a black shirt and beige shirt , supplements can also be black , purple necklace or a bracelet or a ring, will give light and combined with burgundy ………. beam tests , look for colors that flatter you and when you are clear , you can then make small changes , do not forget if you live in that like the handkerchiefs or scarves foulards ……… all can give you a fun and very touch yours …..

Put some blush and mascara and you’re ready , modern , beautiful , stylish and unpretentious ……… It was not so hard! !

The good thing is that the patterns are easy to match , the trouble is that you get tired , do not abuse them …….




I wish you like it!

We’ll talk and I hope in the next fashion news ……..


by Isabel Mora